At The Continental Shoppe, it takes a village to pamper your pets to perfection.

Meet the team

Animal lovers, to the bone.
*not pictured but adored members of our pack.
Lauren Kennedy - Team Illustration
Whitney Gray - Team IllustrationRose Daly - Team IllustrationBrian Regan - Team IllustrationTina Princiotta - Team IllustrationAngel Gleason - Team IllustrationStephanie Pol - Team IllustrationHannah Motto - Team IllustrationGabby Renderos - Team IllustrationJordan Patriarca - Team IllustrationNathan Gleason - Team IllustrationCassidy Gorash - Team IllustrationChristine McLaughlin - Team IllustrationCathy Pirre - Team IllustrationMathew Munier - Team IllustrationJulia Charney - Team IllustrationJoshua Hernandez - Team Illustration

Meet Jack Kennedy

Founded in 1977 by the devoted dog enthusiast, Jack Kennedy, The Continental Shoppe started as a unique "dog barbershop" in Roslindale. Jack introduced an innovative van pickup and drop-off service that quickly endeared itself to the local community.

Jack's unwavering commitment and passion for dogs continued to shine throughout the years. Following his passing in May 2023, his daughter, Lauren, took up the lead, ensuring the legacy of The Continental Shoppe endures.

Today, The Continental Shoppe stands as a testament to care, dedication, and community in West Roxbury, embodying the spirit of its founder, Jack Kennedy.

The ‘Gram

Stop by the Shoppe

We’re conveniently located on Centre Street, just before the West Roxbury Parkway rotary.
Dog animationHours
Tuesday - Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Pick up and drop off hours
Monday-Friday: 7am - 10am, 4pm - 7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am - 10am, 4pm - 6pm

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1729 Centre Street
West Roxbury MA 02132
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